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The Ashapura Foundation is a not for profit organization, established with an aim to carry out social, cultural and rural development activities.

Over the years, the Foundation has continued to carryout and support several important initiatives such as Water Harvesting, Agricultural Development, Primary Education and Vocational Training.

The Ashapura Foundation, through the Kutch Navnirman Trust has been particularly active in the rural areas of Kutch which has nearly 900 villages, spread over 40,000 sq km.

The Government of India and Gujarat have recognized Ashapura Foundation as its Project Implementing Agency (P.I.A) to carry out rural development projects of the Government.



The Ashapura Women's Academy was set up ten years ago to empower Women by teaching them various skills so that they could lead a respectful independent life.

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It was observed in some of the areas that women after pregnancy lacked the required nutrition from daily consumed food. So the company started distributing Katla Ladoos to the new mothers...

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Medical facilities is a basic right for everyone and we are now striving to provide this to over seventy villages. Under the CSR belt, Ashapura Group of Industries has been working in the different...

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A good education is not only the right of children but is also a big assurance of a bright and promising future. We now guarantee a secured future to young students with quality...

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Vande Mataram Memorial

It’s most ambitious initiative thus far has been the establishment of the Vande Mataram Memorial. The Vande Mataram memorial has been built over a 12 acre complex near Bhuj offering an immersive experience of the most momentous episodes in India’s freedom struggle. The memorial attempts bring alive the sacrifices of India’s freedom fighters and to perpetuate the spirit of unity & independence in the hearts and minds of posterity.

Hiralaxmi Craft Park

The Foundation also supports aesthetic and cultural initiatives such as restoration of monuments, patronage of local arts & crafts though the Hiralaxmi Craft Park.